Inguinal Lymphatic Detoxification @$458

Duration 60 mins

Inguinal lymphatic detoxification and private maintenance are treated with our unique massage technique and herbal product to pass the meridian and activate the collaterals. Whitening V mask will be apply on. The effect can be seen in one course of treatment.

Specifically for women’s lower body improvement

What is the harms if you don’t do detoxification?

Because lower part of the body is easy to cause blockage, the accumulation of toxins will result in serious blockage, which is very likely to cause tumors or cancer, and female friends will also be accompanied by the repeated appearance of gynecological diseases.  As a result, the environment in the abdominal cavity is getting worse and worse, leading to pseudo-obesity at the roots of the thighs and intestinal toxins that cannot be discharged. Over time, it may cause major diseases. Therefore, such detoxification methods can improve our sub-healthy physique.  And this is also the largest detoxification system in the body, which can also improve female gynecological diseases.

It can improve women’s sub-health problems such as dysmenorrhea, obesity of the thighs, dark pigmentation of the inner thighs, and obesity of the belly, which affects life.

The private area is located at the junction of the thigh and the abdominal cavity, and the thigh private area is the largest crossroad in our body.  And there are many important arteries, veins, meridians, and lymph nodes where toxins from the lower body of the human body are excreted through the private area, so it is a garbage collection point for the lower body of the human body.  So how do you detoxify the private area? 

Below is to introduce you to the inguinal lymphatic detoxification technique.

Harm of poor private area detoxification

Due to the frequency of use, this part is easy to block, and accumulation of toxins is very easy to form, resulting in serious blockage, causing tumors and even carcinogenesis, and repeated gynecological diseases, which will lead to poor intra-abdominal environment, pseudo-obesity at the root of the thigh,  Intestinal toxins cannot be excreted (the intestinal dry lymph nodes near the large intestine are the storage of large intestinal toxins once blocked, which will cause the retention of large intestinal endotoxins) and other major diseases.

Therefore, inguinal lymphatic drainage is very effective in improving our sub-health status. Inguinal lymphatic is also the largest detoxification system in the entire reproductive system. When women have fibroids, ovarian cysts, cervical erosion, irregular menstruation and other symptoms, they all come from Blockage of lymph in the private area.  You can observe that when there is a blockage of the lymph in the private area, press the private area with your hand, you feel pain and nodules inside, and your legs and feet are prone to softness when walking or climbing stairs, which also affects kidney deficiency!

The role of inguinal lymphatic drainage

 1: To invigorate the spleen and reduce dampness, promote local Qi and blood

 2: Eliminate toxins and garbage that accumulate in the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity

 3: Stimulate and improve immunity, effectively promote the exchange of nutrients in the blood and the metabolism of toxins

4: Improve the pigmentation of the private area, protect the normal operation of the reproductive system, prevent inflammation and pathology

5: Relieve lymphatic congestion and swelling of the lower body, clear the meridians and activate collaterals.  Fully regulate the sub-health state of the human body.

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