Body Shaping & Contouring treatment @$258

Duration 60 mins

HELLO Ladies !

Want to look busty while enjoying health benefits from our specialised treatment?

Do you know that the breasts actually need more serious massage and maintenance?  Because the breast is located above the pectoralis major but not directly connected to the muscles, it is mainly supported by skin, adipose (fats) and connective tissues. Hence, over time, the full appearance of voluptuous breasts will gradually disappear due to loss of the skin’s elasticity, causing breasts to sag. It is demoralising to lose your hour shape contour. I believe many share the same sentiments.  Coupled with thinner skin on the front chest, inadequate hydration of chest skin can accelerate the change of breast shape, making monthly treatments more important than ever. 

Reneuskin uses the most healthy and effective method to contour the perfect body for our customers. Without extreme weight loss, medications, or fad diets that often lead to adverse consequences, building self-confidence in every customer with visible results.

Bust treatments also open up the meridians during out  60-minute treatment course with adjunct use of our exclusive contouring products to help you remove toxins. Take care of your breast health today with Reneu Skin and Wellness. 

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